24-hour garments distribution

11 September 2019

Distribution also possible while restocking Over-the-counter distribution at set times If the distribution of garments in your organisation is arranged over the counter, it is understandable that you do not have access to clean garments throughout the entire day. The counter is usually open during set times, either only in the morning or throughout the […]

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Flexible garments distribution system or wardrobe system

21 August 2019

LCT systems with conveyor technology can adjust to the available space The conveyor is an aluminium design containing small wheels. These wheels are attached to each other and create a continuous chain. The chain is fitted with particular storage positions. The aluminium design can be fitted with 90 or 45-degree turns. This way, the conveyor […]

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A sufficient amount of garments without unnecessary overflow? It is possible

12 August 2019

Many companies that use garments have large overflows. This is often deemed necessary to guarantee enough garments of every type, but in fact also means that a large portion of the garments remain unused. However, garments are often expensive and excess stock puts unnecessary negative pressure on the budget. It is therefore important to align […]

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Always garments available for users

24 July 2019

Controlled distribution of garments guarantees the continuous provision and a sufficient quantity of garments. The systems are accessible 24/7 and even indicate whether the garment stock is sufficient. 24/7 availability of garments Automated garments distribution systems enable the opportunity to provide users with garments at any time of the day. The systems are fully automatic, […]

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Saving surface area by using a garments distribution solution

10 July 2019

Garments are used particularly often in the care sector. An organisation that has 400 garments users requires approximately 5,000 garments. Take a moment visualise the enormous amount of clothes that is… Of this total, around 1/3 is in possession of the user and 15% is at the laundry service or in transit. The remaining majority […]

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A garments distribution system contributes to a higher safety level in the healthcare sector

26 June 2019

Safety awareness is an important topic. We are always looking to increase our safety awareness. Beware of where you place items. Regular maintenance. Even keeping to the right of an isle when carts and pallets pass by. Needle-stick injuries A large safety concern in the healthcare sector is needle-stick injuries. Employees are trained and vaccinated […]

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Do you also find inventory control of garments very time consuming? No longer we say

12 June 2019

The process surrounding garments often involves many elements. From the distribution of garments to the collection and from logistics to inventory control, it is an intensive process. Based on the number of users per item, a calculation is made on how many items are necessary to provide the next supply batch. Continuous insight and control […]

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Stocktaking is time consuming, control over your garments

27 May 2019

In companies that use garments or uniforms, the process of sorting and managing garments is very time consuming. The following questions will therefore sound familiar; Are there enough garments in circulation? Are there enough sizes available of each type of garment? Why do I have to buy so many new garments at the end of […]

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Garments distribution takes up too much space

15 May 2019

A system for controlled distribution and collection of garments is a space-efficient solution. Throughout the years, your inventory increases. This is mostly due to purchasing items for the sake of user comfort or to comply with the latest guidelines of the Working Conditions Agency or government. What starts off with a few small garments lockers […]

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Benefits of a garments distribution system with respect to the Working Conditions Agency

24 April 2019

Employees who’s daily activities include lifting or carrying objects are at an increased risk of (chronic) back problems. It is therefore important to avoid this type of physical strain as much as possible, or at least to manage it responsibly. Employers are required to take measures to ensure their employees lift and carry responsibly. The […]

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Saving costs by optimising the garments management

10 April 2019

Garments distribution and management is often a labour-intensive process. Many organisations are therefore looking for ways to simplify or optimise this process, often in collaboration with the supplier. There is a particularly high demand for smart, cost-efficient solutions for garments management. Internal and external tasks The process of garments management includes several components such as […]

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24/7 availability- Distribution at set times over the counter

27 March 2019

No hour-round staff required Are you looking for flexible staff deployment throughout the day? In case you use the traditional method of distributing workwear over the counter, you must be aware of the suboptimal ratio between staff presence and productivity. The counter is occupied by staff throughout the day and on the weekend to provide […]

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Save surface area by organising your workwear distribution

12 March 2019

There is no reason why controlled distribution and collection of workwear has to take up a lot of space. In fact, quite the opposite; it can save space. A suchlike system provides an insight in the workwear use of your organisation Without such a system, there is no insight in the demand for garments of […]

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How garments can contribute to a safer work environment

27 February 2019

The Working Conditions Act stipulated that the employee must be protected from external forces. For this purpose, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available. This usually includes protection in the form of gloves, work boots or protective glasses. Sometimes PPEs include yellow vests with reflecting strips. Workwear has a number of purposes within an organisation. Corporate […]

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How to prevent the hoarding of garments?

23 January 2019

You know how it goes. A clean batch of garments, straight from the laundry service, and in no time the majority of garments is gone. Your employees like clean garments the whole week round, so when given the opportunity, they tend to hoard. Understandable, because the early bird catches the worm, as the saying goes. […]

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