The future of workwear logistics

Smart and cost-efficient method for the management of garments


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Is your organisation in need of a smart and cost-efficient method for the management of garments?

LCT has the right solution for you. Over the years, LCT has proved to offer reliable and credible techniques for the management of garments and logistics for a wide range of organisations. The following 6 characteristics summarise the performance of the LCT systems.


LCT aligns each solution with its target group. This way we ensure an excellent user experience. The user orders garments by using the touchscreen and pictographs.

Cost efficient

Supply and demand are aligned efficiently. The effectiveness of the process results in increased efficiency in terms of costs, textile and labour hours. The benefits of the LCT solutions outweigh the costs heavily, resulting in a high and quick return on investment.

High standards of hygiene

Hygiene is paramount for the users of our systems. Sealed and if required with an expiration date, we guarantee that your workwear complies with the highest standards of hygiene.

Space efficient

Space is scarce in organisations. The LCT systems are space efficient, saving a lot of surface area.


The LCT solutions stand for the provision of excellent service, continuity and reliability. Our users trust that they can use our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ample reporting opportunity

Reports make the process more controllable and transparent. It provides you with the insight you need to make the right decisions.

More information?

Would you like more information or know what our solutions in management of garments can mean for your organization? Call us or send us an e-mail and we will gladly explain it to you.


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